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A little guide made for our web safety project. 

Infographic practise for a web safety project. Interesting stats from a few years back.

Vector illustrations for a website made during work experience with LIM Concepts

Little vector cleaners created during my work experience with LIM Concepts.

Task: A visual representation of me, how others describe me and how I describe myself.

Result: see above. 

Broken Sword 5 Web Advert Banner

What I made for the web animation unit using Edge animate. At the end when the user finds the nose, there a cream box appears where the youtube trailer is (but as this is uploaded in drive it doesn’t display). Demo video here.

Graphics design work. Theme: city of London and the financial district.

Broken Sword 5 Web Banner Mock-Up. 

Cover and character designs done for a game mock-up. The task was to design a piece of interactive media for disabled teenagers so we chose to target blind, deaf teenagers. The designs shown here are for the visual novel designed to aim at deaf teens and for the blind audience we came up with an audio text adventure idea. More details here. Maybe one day this will be a legitimate game…

A draft poster for our city (as in London) posters campaign (we have to pretend that V&A hired us to do some graphic designing). The theme is religious art combined with vector graphics so I thought of stained glass straight away. 

After crazy hours spent tinkering in Photoshop (it took a while to get a stain glass like look) I came out with this. Here’s a breakdown of the making of.